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Below are links to things that I put on this web page before there was Facebook, Blogger or Flickr.  I still update the content as need be, but much of it is legacy.

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How do we solve global warming?
Advancing technology is most likely the main solution as I don't see folks giving up things like their automobiles.  Even most folks in the third world seem to aspire to drive.  Only a smaller number of people, like me, prefer car free living.  This means the main solutions to climate change are things like solar energy, hydrogen fuel and so forth. Slowing down the rat race is part of the solution, but I'll admit that technology is most likely the main answer.   

Still, I'm a fan of reducing consumption.  Slowing down and most importantly curbing population growth.  Progressive sexual politics, such as gay rights and feminism play an important role in a sustainable future related to population growth.

Reducing consumption is an important factor as well; especially as we wait for new technologies to develop.  Quality of life needs to be the bottom line.  It includes things like more time for family and community.  For instance, a shorter workweek could be seen as a step forward by allowing parents to have more time with their kids.  People would benefit with more time for volunteering and community; basically less frazzled and healthier lives.  

I think both technology and quality of life solutions can work together for a better future.  In technology we have gone from the high space and energy requirements of vacuum tubes to less consumptive transistors.  Why can't our cultural life and economics do this as well?

boulevard park
Sunset along South Bay Trail, Bellingham.

My card
My card from around 1990.