Out the McKenzie Highway, just east of Eugene, Oregon, is Cougar Dam.  It is a tall "earthen fill" dam.  Scroll down to see earthen fill structure.

Looking downstream, powerhouse below.

Looking south from top of Cougar Dam at reservoir.  Cougar Dam is located several miles south of the Mckenzie Highway east of Eugene Oregon.

Face of Cougar Dam

Sparks drop as welders work on water intake flange at Cougar Dam in 2002.  Scaffold is suspended hundreds of feet up on intake tower as reservoir is drained dry for work on the dam.  Not a job for someone with acrophobia, especially when the scaffold gets caught up on a rough spot, while lowering, so one end starts to drop below other end.  I hear a workman yell "Woo!" as they even out the scaffold again.

Exposed water intake tower behind cougar dam is several hundred feet tall.  Reservoir is empty as they work on intake.  They were enlarging flanges on intake tower so powerhouse could be run on just one of the 4.  This way they could choose how deep in the lake to get the water from.  Regulating downstream temperature for fish.

Looking down toward mostly drained cougar reservoir.

To hotspring in area

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