Image taken 2001

hill sign
Image taken 2005
At the top this little sign says, "hill."

Near the top is a viewpoint.

Lewiston has an annual bike ride up it's famous hill with T-shirts that read, "I made the grade."  Lewiston Grade is almost a bike route now.  It's the old highway, sometimes called the "Old spiral highway."  A new grade has been built more recently.  It carries the serious traffic allowing the old hill to take on more of a tourist mood.  

<>With many switch backs and hairpin turns, the old road was a feat in its own day.  It starts out as a fairly busy truck route to a port on the north side of the river, but soon the two roads part company and the old Lewiston Grade becomes delightfully un crowded for those who have the energy for climbing.  Coming down can be a workout for fingers on the brakes.


Views from Old Lewiston Grade can show the gizzards of our society.  Stuff that makes us tick, like power lines, a pulp mill and a metal recycling yard.  "Found art" is an art style.  Seeing art in everyday life.  Not much attempt to cover things up, or yuppify it yet, at least.


discarded hippy bus?

In 2005, this junkyard was complete with an old hippy bus.  Must have been at the end of it's days. 

Got Ink?  It sadly proclaimed. 

Once proudly displaying "splatter dashed" sides.  Must have been a community effort.  Motorized vehicle as a palate of art, but now  awaiting its demise. 

Maybe the transmission went.

In background is the Potlatch Pulp Mill.


water trough glen

On up Lewiston Grade was a more inspiring site. 

Water Trough Glen. 

When my parents used to drive up the grade, they had to cool their old car at a spring.  Now this site has been restored by volunteers.  A nice wayside park.

Old Spiral Highway is popular for cyclists.  There is a new, "more pragmatic" highway to the east that most cars and trucks use.

Both Highways bring one from around 800 feet to well over 2,000 feet.  Quite a hill climb.


Playful fountain in downtown Lewiston.  Get plenty of water and sunscreen before climbing the grade 


Contemplating the grade from down at the bottom in Clarkston, WA.

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