Image taken2001

Above scene taken near Clarkston on west side of Snake River across from Lewiston's Hells Gate State Park.

Snake River Paths skirt the Snake and Clearwater Rivers through the Lewiston Clarkston area.  Some of it follows the river levies.  Levies were built to provent flooding from the backwater behind Little Goose Dam which is downstrean a bit on the Snake River.  Dams on both the Columbia and Snake have locks to accommodate small ships and barges.  Eventhough it's quite a ways inland, Lewiston is often refered to as "the seaport of Idaho."  Lots of grain and some lumber is shipped down river to the Pacific Ocean from Lewiston. 

Grain elevators reflected in the water north of Downtown Lewiston.

Slack water behind Little Goose Dam backs up both the Snake and Clearwater Rivers where they converse at Lewiston.  Dikes, built to protect the city from flooding, make great foundations for bike paths.  A system of river front bikeways traverses across the entire Lewiston / Clarkston metropolitan area.