Images taken 2002
Look back.  Peddling through Picture Gorge along Oregon's Highway 26.

Countryside around Picture Gorge.

Many campgrounds offer special bike and hiker rates.  $2 was a great deal for cyclists in 2002 Forest Service campground in Ochoco Forest just west of Mitchell.

West of Picture Gorge is Mitchell.  East of the gorge is Dayville.

In downtown Mitchell, OR.  Can't stay in business when the ghosts don't pay.

Grocery store in Mitchell, 2002.  Aisles are real narrow.  Looks like a mobil home.  Don't stumble over the pop can box as you enter that sliding glass door.  Hardly a supermarket, but character.

City Hall in Dayville, Oregon is not much larger than a tool shed.  The even smaller building to the left is a public library.  One could call this a small scale "municipal plaza."  Notice the brick walkway.

Red white and blue can be a friendly welcome; bicycle style.  Different from an S.U.V. that may have thundered past, with flags flying, while you landed in the ditch.

This great flag and country can be what we are willing to make it. 

At the Dayville Mercantile, banners welcomed cyclists along Oregon highway 26.  It's a route recommended by Adventure Cycling Association as part of their Cross America bikeway.

Route 26 has been designated, by Adventure Cycling Association, as part of a cross country bike route.  Some places roll out the welcome mat for cyclists.

Stain glass from inside church that was open to bicyclists.
While so many churches are locked up as tight as drums, this one, in central Oregon, welcomed cyclists.  They told me about it at the mercantile. 

Open doors.  A sign just requested use of common sense such as no alcohol and, for some reason, they ask people not to sleep on the pew pads.  That little sign also ask everyone to "please sign the guest book" and it made for very good reading.  Other cyclists passing through can tell great stories.  Donations voluntary.  One cyclist created this stain glass that was hanging in a window.  Notice bicycle in lower left. 

I had the place to myself, but some local people dropped by offering conversation and left over spaghetti.  This is the way a church should be.