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I paid a visit to my old high school in 2001 and found this innovative sculpture outside the welding shop.  It is  continuing a creative tradition that I remember from my high school years in the 1970s.  Back then, the school had just moved into its new building and was experimenting with an open campus.

The old high school building is still standing as well.  It now serves as a community center, run by a non profit organization.  On this trip, I was lucky enough to meet with a janitor, at the old school, who was able to explain things to me.  He was proudly polishing old marble like floors with a shine similar to what they had in the 1930s.  Old auditorium, gym and classroom spaces are used by a wide variety of community groups and businesses.  Activities include things like church preschools and yoga classes.

From the mail

I was doing a search for Pullman when I came across your great photo album. In case you were wondering about the sculpture outside the shop, it was started many years ago when some students were told to make a scale model of a welding helmet out of scrap. Over the years, students continued making various parts, but the sculpture did not come together until a senior made it his senior project in 2001. It had only been up for a few months when you rode through in August of 2001.