My mom once said, "if Walla Walla didn't have such a funny name, no one would think twice about it."  Then she realized she had made a pun by accident.

See my bike, old building and me reflected in glass of new building in College Place, Washington.

Walla Walla is an old city along the Oregon Trail.  At one time, it was Washington State's largest place, but has since been surpassed by Seattle and many other locations.  There is still a lot of old world charm there. 

Some folks just remember it as home for Washington State Penitentiary, but the town is also full of colleges.

There's Walla Walla College, just outside the main city, in a town called College Place;  run by Seventh Day Adventists. 

Walla Walla also has Whitman College, a very prestigious liberal arts school of private ownership.  Yes there is also Walla Walla Community College. 

Ordering a salad at the Whitman Union cafeteria, I forgot to specify "no dressing."  It was so spicy I couldn't eat with out puckering up.  Since the room was empty, I struggled through, but soon the tables filled with young sophisticated looking students.  They were all joking with each other and talking "a mile a minute" on cell phones. 

The clerk said she had accidentally double charged me for the salad.  I had credit for more.  "Oh no, I could barely eat what I had," so I ordered more to drink instead.  She brought 3 glass bottles of juice, "to go," in a paper bag which began to tear.  Feeling like an old wino among the students, I walked back out onto the Whitman campus trying to keep my 3 glass bottles from tearing their way out of the sack.  Both my older brothers attended Whitman College back in the 1960s.

On Whitman College campus, Walla Walla
Atrium, Hunter Conservatory,
Whitman College, Walla Walla

man in window

One eyed stud greeted me from this Walla Walla storefront in 2005.  I forgot to see what it was about.  Something in this college town which is now also known as a big center for wine growing and tasting.

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