Tacoma has many historic buildings and districts.  Stadium High School is very ornate because it wasn't originally planned to be a school.  In the 1890s a railroad started it as this grand hotel.  Then an economic panic of 1893 halted the scheme.  A fire burned the inside, but brick walls, 5 foot thick at the base, remained.  Around 1903 local citizens talked school district into restoring it as a high school.  The place has been a gem ever since.

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The Northern Pacific Railroad did plan to build a huge hotel in Tacoma (Stadium High School).  The leftover, unused  bricks
(imported from China) were shipped east to build depots in Missoula and a smaller one in Wallace.  Small world, huh?


I have a good friend who attended Stadium High.  See below.

Sculpture near Tacoma Museum Of Glass.

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