Riding along Yakima and Natchese Rivers the Yakima Greenway system of bike paths gets one across town.  It's a really nice ride.  River is down behind trees.  Several small lakes along the way look like converted gravel pits.  One names "Rotary Lake" must be named for  Rotary Club which helped provide the funding.

Mt. Adams looks over Yakima.

2010 political rally at picnic shelter.

I guess there are many things people are not supposed to do in the Yakima Arboretum.  To make matters worse, I added a few more don'ts on right side.

Images taken 2005.

Just my additional Nos.

                                    No Camping

No parking

                                 No pets

                                                                No Skateboarding

                                                       No bicycling

                                              No loitering

                                    No littering

                           No running

          No No No

          No No No

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