Two dollar, per person, bike sites make cycling an affordable way to see California Coast.  By 2004 price is raised to $3. 

No reservations required either.  In most places camp area is large, sometimes the best part of the park. 

This helps promote bike touring for its health and environmental benefits. 

Oregon state parks charge $4, but Washington has raised its fees up to $10. 

I fear that budget cuts could harm these good things.

As of 2004 California price raised to $3 per night.  Still a bargain.  This sign happened to be located at Carpentiria.

Bike sites tend to be along just a few routes.  Most trips, besides California (like back east), I have just stayed in regular campgrounds at the state parks, paying the same fee as a car.  Also stayed in Forest Service campgrounds, private resorts, a few motels (can cost $35 - $100 a night), with friends and sometimes just finding a secluded spot to camp if nothing else is available.

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