Normally, one can never linger on the 405 bridge to ponder massive rail yards below, but during the Providence Bridge Peddle, it's a different story.  

I planned to be in Portland for the annual Providence Bridge Peddle in 2005.  Stayed in a downtown motel for 2 nights.

Bridge Pedal is a yearly organized ride, possibly 24,000 bicyclists signed up for 2005.

The Willammette River is crisscrossed by many bridges in Portland.  On one Sunday each year, they turn most of the bridge space over to cyclists.

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portland rail yard
Birds eye view of rail yard in Portland, from Fremont Bridge during Providence Bridge Peddle.

Looking down from Portland's freemont bridge
Looking down on the locomotives

The suicide hotline sign
One of the most popular photo shoots of that day.  Posing in front of the suicide hotline sign.

bikes take over I-5
Here's a first, starting to cross the top deck of the I-5 Bridge normally not open to cyclists.  A big milling crowd on the freeway with the festival up ahead.  Booths, food, even a reggae band, I think I remember reggae.

Imagine a festival on the freeway. 

Trucks and cars were still allowed on the lower deck causing the bridge to vibrate under our feet.  It made for an interesting festival. A bit of a human bottleneck approaching the festival on the freeway.

sandwich board with bike message
Lots of booths and sandwich boards reminding folks of a better world.

freemont bridge in portland
Top deck of the I-405 Fremont Bridge and another festival.  This one had a marimba band.

Portland Bridge biking event 2005
Here's the finishline of Providence Bridge Pedal 2005 in Portland, OR. 

I elected to cross 8 bridges.   Those who got up earlier crossed 10.  Others crossed 6.

Bridges I crossed were:

Broadway, Selwood, Marquam (I-5), Burnside, Hawthorne, Fremont (I-405), St. Johns and Steel.

play in fountain

Cool ride
Ride ended where it started, near Tom McCall Waterfront Park.  A few folks took advantage of the walk through fountain.  Nice mix of spandex, hot weather and water.

Then there was The Bite Of Portland that one could partake in if they wanted to.  So much to do with-in a short distance.