Biking east in the Columbia Gorge east of Portland, Oregon.

Bike path along columbia river in Portland
Bike paths along Columbia River.

Planes flying overhead
Near Portland Airport. Some might say about bicycling, "Take a plane, it's faster."

columbia gorge
Scrumptious views into Columbia Gorge from Old Oregon Highway 30. Crown Point on next outcrop.  Beacon Rock in distance on Washington Side of river.

I-84 in columbia gorge
Bike paths or old highways took me much of the way through Columbia Gorge. 

Part way, I used the wide shoulder of I-84.  Headed east, there is a tunnel on 84, but a bike path and some steps bypass the tunnel.   Much safer. 

On another part of the path, some joggers said another person saw a bear up ahead.  I have heard rumors of bears before and not seen anything.

Black bears tend to be shy and scamper away from human contact, unless one is near the bear's cubs.  I kept riding, rather than going onto the freeway shoulder. 

Sure enough there was a bear.  The second bear I have seen during many years of bike touring.   It was about 75 feet off the trail.  Right around a corner.  I didn't stick around. 

Some folks might want to take pictures, but I kept going.

bridge of the gods
Going under south end of Bridge Of The Gods.

In 2005, after Providence Bridge Peddel, my radio brought me a talk show.  Someone filling in for basically right wing leaning Lars Larsen, on KXL.  A few callers were grumbling about the bike event.  "Why did they have to close ALL the bridges?"   Actually many of the bridges were only partially closed to cars that Sunday.

One of my web page readers had dinner with me in Portland and was joking about how Lars Larsen once made the proclamation that

"Portland is CLOSED." 

Closed to business.  Griping about government regulation, I guess. 

The city seemed prosperous enough to me.

Columbia Gorge on my Flickr.

Multnoma Falls

Mosier Tunnels.