It was time to start back toward home from my 2005 trip around the Northwest.  I retraced my steps (peddles) along Coeur d'Alene Trail as far as Cataldo, ID.  Then headed due west, instead of southwest toward Plummer. 

I thought I would miss the non motorized world of trails going back on regular roads, but they weren't bad at all.

soap box cars?
Canyon Road, between Cataldo and Fourth Of July Pass practically had no traffic, except for some go cars that zipped back and fourth.  They were having fun.  It was a pleasant country road lined with hayfields, old barns and trees.  Just about every "country road," here in Bellingham area, is now full of traffic.

Canyon got me almost to the top of the pass, then there was no other choice than I-90 shoulder.  Plenty wide, it was okay.

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