The Mosier Tunnels bike trail.  Just east of The Dalles, Oregon  First built in 1919 and 1920.  Later bypassed by I-84.  Recently restored with new wood planking along the sides.  Very nice bike and pedestrian path.

Mosier Tunnels on my Flickr.

mosier tunnels
Images taken 2005.
mid mosier tunnels

east end mosier tunnels

trail near mosier crime
East of Hood River, one finds the  Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail.   Senator Mark O. Hatfield West Trailhead.

Leads to the Mosier Twin Tunnels.

bike path near mosier tunnel

columbia gorge
Parts of trail are the old highway restored.  Look how stone arches of guardrail interact with stone cliffs across the river.

a hairpin turn
Here is a real hairpin turn. 

From the east end of trail one takes this back road down into The Dalles.

Coming into the Dalles, in 2005, another cyclist started riding along side me.  He mentioned plans that Google Search Engine has for locating something big in The Dalles.  Community may be transforming from a place of aluminum smelting, lumber mills and cattle ranching to "intellectual capital."  Much of it still a mystery. 

The cyclist was also telling me that Hood River has a lot of folks with advanced degrees.  On the surface, it seems like just a small town, but wind surfing, mountains, sunshine and Portland not too far away has attracted some of what people call "the best and the brightest."   Of course, I don't mean to say cattle doesn't take brains.

America is changing, even out here in the hinterlands.