Steam plant converted to restaurant and commercial plaza.  It was fantastic.  Steam Plant Square and Steam Plant Grill.

Used to heat downtown Spokane.  Was a centrallized steam service facility that closed in 1986.  Now the old machines make neat decoration for dining pleasure.  Not too expensive either.
eating in old steam plant
Image taken 2005
One can look through firebox windows of a boiler to "more tables."  Look up and see pipes everywhere.  See more pictures of outside Steam Plant Square in 2009.

Below, another old power plant in Spokane.

As viewed from the Monroe St. Bridge, Spokane Falls, and the Washington Water Power dam give downtown Spokane, WA. a unique look.  The water falls are literally in the heart of the city. 

An old power plant, that was built in the 1890s was recently torn down, since 1986 at least, and replaced with a modern generator that is mostly hidden away under a plaza.  When I visited Spokane, in 1993, I was disappointed to find this piece of history demolished.  An old Washington Water Power workshop (pictured here) remains.

My video (2007) Spokane Falls Gondola Ride (scroll down below Grand Coulee Turbine video).
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