Ground fog near Mount Si. 

I-90 corridor, complete with the Iron Horse Trail, is part of the Mountains To Sound Greenway; a planning entity.  Below is one of their signs.

Iron Horse ends at Rattle Snake Lake where Seattle Water Department has an interpretive center.  Beyond that, to the west and south, is a drinking watershed.
Mount Sigh and ground fog

Rain gardens around the buildings, including on the roofs.  Plants on the roof demonstrate percolation. 

I thought native Americans, or some might think hippies, were having a "drumming circle."  They were sending out some obscure melody when I noticed it was just water dripping off the roof garden.  Dripping onto different sized drums.  Made a restful concert.

Mt. Si in back ground as I peddled toward the end of Snoqualmie Valley Trail by North Bend, Washington.

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