stateline windmills
  Image taken 2005.
My short video at Stateline from 2007 trip, scroll to second video.

Whatcom County, near Bellingham bans wind power in most rural areas.

One new source of power, beyond hydroelectric, is wind.  West of Walla Walla is Stateline wind project.  Rotors seen on many ridge lines off in the distance from Highway 12. 

A gap in the line of customers at the supermarket allowed conversation with one Walla Walla clerk.  He was a young Chinese looking person, studying physics at Whitman College. 

We talked, a bit about my trip and I mentioned the wind turbines.  He said he was more excited about new, safer, forms of nuclear power coming along.  As population keeps growing, wind wouldn't be enough, he thought.  

Just then more customers came to the line replacing our philosophical conversation with beeps from the bar code reader.

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