Visiting my childhood home of Pullman, WA.

Near there an old style steam plant still heats the campus.

I read they have given the old stalwart a helper.  Along another road called, "Grimes Way," (It does have that name) is a second boiler plant. 

Grimes Way is where a lot of maintenance shops are.  Must be named for someone called Grimes, rather than being grimy.

They were going to turn old power house into an art gallery; at least my sister read.  Then they decided to save money.  It was more pragmatic to keep both places pumping out steam.  The new one was scaled back.  It would have been a co generation plant, but looks like they dropped those plans, at least I gather from reading some WSU web sites.

Old steam plant still has some of the coal facilities that were last used, I think, around 2003.  It was "coal and gas." but now just gas, I guess.

Old WSU steam plant Pullman
Coal pile is gone, but dust was still on the ground in 2005.  I read about the last coal train to make a delivery on some web site. Technology keeps moving on.

reflection by hydrolics lab
There is my reflection in a mirror.  Must be to help trucks back up in this tight spot.  Also reflects the hydraulics lab at Washington State University.

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