Is this an anti car billboard?  No.  There actually is an oil company called "Stinker Oil."  Some folks think all oil companies are Stinker.

A skunk is the mascot.  It could have several meanings, but Stinker Stations have been around state of Idaho since at least the early 1960s. 

My older brother remembered a billboard with rocks at the base.  It said, "Petrified watermelons."  "Take one home to your mother in law."  "Stinker Stations."

I found this billboard in Lewiston, ID.  2005.

Across the road was a place called, "The HoHum Motel."

See my 2008 blog entry on oil economics.   
Be a thinker billboard
Images taken 2005.

stinker station

hohum motel

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