Port of Seattle
Port of Seattle, 2005 near mouth of Duwamish River.

Image taken 2002.
Following a "bike route" map of King County, I glided through Seattle's metropolitan area on more or less peaceful paths.  They say, "choose your path."  I certainly did not choose the busy Alaskan Way Viaduct.  They also fear it may crumble in an earthquake.  Bikes aren't allowed there anyway.  That elevated freeway casts a dark shadow to the right of my peaceful path.

Paths from the north and south do not continue through central waterfront area which is in the gritty shadow of Alaska Way.  Since viaduct must come down, or be redone, for seismic safety, a planning process is taking place.  This path looks nice, but it dead ends just north of here.  I walked along narrow waterfront sidewalk by downtown.

Piles of containerized cargo in the port of Seattle south of downtown.  Big buildings in background lots of stuff for consumption in foreground.  The human environment.  2002.

Elliot Bay Trail goes under Seattle Grain Terminal north of downtown.  More pictures along Elliot Bay Path and Olympic Sculpture Park in my 2007 photostream on Flickr.

Leaving Seattle on the ferry for Bremerton
Leaving Seattle on Ferry to Bremerton in 2006.  It was "Seafair Weekend" and I wanted to avoid crowds and "No Vacancy" signs at motels.

Bremerton was boring enough to provide a reasonably priced motel.  

Someone called that town;


Next day, I peddled toward Olympia on Highway 3.  Traffic streaming past as there wasn't much to linger for, but clear cuts.

There was a shoulder, but not the widest one.  Most drivers tried to be courteous, but when ever they pulled out to give me extra space, they hit the rumble strip down the center of the road.  For several hours, I heard "thrump, thrump."  "Thrump, thrump."

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