St. Paul, Oregon

Oldest brick church in Oregon.  Built in 1846.  Resides in town of Saint Paul. 

This is one of the sights along the so called Willamette River Scenic Bikeway.  Yes, it's the first of a kind.  Back roads designated as a bikeway; like in the phrase "scenic byway," but it turned out to be the "bikeway that wasn't."  It may be better signed by now. 

It's on the web, but doesn't seem to be well organized yet, as of 2006.

Few signs. No one knows it's there; even people like park rangers.

Did the Oregon Transportation Department run out of funding?

Willamette Valley on my Flickr.

North end of the route was supposed to be in Champoeg State Park, but that visitor's center had no map.  A park aid frantically looked through piles of notebooks thinking she had "seen something about that somewhere."

One of my web site readers, who lives near the river, got a printout from that web page.  He then met me on the road with printout in hand. 

Wanted to meet me anyway. 

There was one place where the "bikeway" started to take me toward this ferry crossing on the Willamette (Buena Vista Ferry).  That was the alternate route as I got on the wrong route also.

Unfortunately, ferry stops running around 5 PM.  Glad I saw the ferry sign before turning down that road.  It would have been a "dead end" at the ferry dock as evening set in. 

Instead, I had to push on toward Albany by going on the shoulder of I-5.  The shoulder is nice and wide.  Legal also, but it wasn't any "country roads" scenic bikeway.

Junction City, Oregon
Picture taken 2006
I happened upon the Scandinavian Folk Festival in Junction City, Oregon.  Right outside a library where I was checking my email. 

Under that big water tower festival has an "americana look."

Water tower, Junction City, Oregon