Some photos from my bike trips down Oregon Coast
1987, (part way in 1992), 2003, 2006.

Wreck of the Peter Iredale at Ft. Stevens State Park near mouth of the Columbia River.
Images taken 1987.

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Picture of Astoria under the bridge
At the mouth of the Columbia River, the highway 101 bridge crosses from Washington into Oregon.

Image taken 1992.

On the Washington side of the river, I walked out to the end of this jetty during another trip.  This was my 1992 trip around in the Pacific Northwest.  At the magic spot where mighty Columbia River water reaches the ocean, there is also an impressive display of bird droppings.

Image taken 1992.

Image taken 1987.
I rode to top of hill and climbed spiral stairs (felt like a mine shaft). Astoria Column.  A view from top, my camera isn't great.  Also straight down to modest buildings.

Image taken 2003
Traffic in small towns can be worse than the city, especially when there is only one long main street.  Good thing there was a wide enough shoulder.  Coming into Seaside on north Oregon coast.  South Oregon coast is farther from cities and has less traffic.  Motels just about always had "full" signs up, but there's always room for bike tourists in State Park Hike and Bike camps.  $4 per person / night on Oregon Coast in 2003.

Below images taken 2003.

Haystack Rock.

Old smokestack on Oregon Coast.

Visit to Tillamook and listening to Mildred Davy

An empty beach.

Somewhere in this area, Radio was full of news and talk about 2003 east coast blackout.  News zips in on invisible magnetic waves.

Cars parked by the beach at Pacific City.  Another rock out there.

Around and around, up the spiral staircase inside Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  I took a tour.  Farther south, I got pictures through the fresnel lens of Cape Blanco Lighthouse.

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Oregon coast bridges.
One could imagine visiting cathedrals.
More than just pragmatism, a bridge can be celebration.  Photos from 1987 trip.

Many of Oregon's bridges were designed by
Conde Balcom McCullough in the 1920s and 30s.

Underside at Newport.

Image taken 1987

Highway 101 crossing at Florence.

Works of art from the New Deal era back in the 1930s.  In 1987, I wrote tong in cheek, "if we could figure out how to make nuclear missiles as artistic like these bridges, then President Reagan's spending priorities would be remembered by future generations like the New Deal."

Image taken 2003.
Classic view of Cape Blanco Lighthouse on western most point of Oregon.  I waited, a while, to take tour. 

Signals, from CBU Radio, 690 AM, in Vancouver, BC, were still reaching my radio; this far south in daylight mind you. 

I bring along a large AM antenna booster that can bring in daytime signals from about 400 miles.  At night it could gather from thousands of miles, if not for closer stations on the same frequencies.

Reception at Cape Blanco is better than farther north, on coast, as there is a clear shot, much of the way, across water. 

Inside lighthouse was lots of ammeter radio gear.  It was the set up of some club.  We shared experiences.  They told me that there is a place, way out in the Pacific, where KEX from Portland is the strongest signal.  It has to do with where the signal is directed and how it bounces around.

More info on Lighthouse.

Images taken 2003.

Rainbow colors refracting through the glass.  Lower image shows lighthouse bulb through the fresnel lens.  Lens was invented in 1790s to concentrate light from oil torches.  an electric bulb is now there.

As lens turns, beams flash past one's eye every so often. 

Tour guide says lens must keep turning, or curtain must be drawn, on sunny days.  Light from the sun can be concentrated enough to start grass fires in the field below; like starting a fire with a magnifying glass.

* I have a link on this page to another site about fresnel lenses.  The owner of that site is sending me a desktop size lens in exchange.

Humbug Mountain
Images taken 2006.
On my 2006 trip down the coast, I camped at Humbug Mountain State Park.

South Oregon Coast
On south from Humbug.

Image taken 2003.
My friend, named Rick Segreda joined me on the south Oregon coast in 2003.  Things he was planning to do, in Bellingham, didn't come to pass, so he decided it was a good time for a trip.  He took train, with his bike, to Eugene and then hitched out to the coast.  We left messages on one another's answering services and played a bit of telephone tag.  Eventually we spotted one another in the aisle of a Port Orford supermarket.

Rick traveled with me as far as he could afford, which turned out to be San Luis Obispo, California.

This was the first time I had gone that far with another person.  It was different, but it was fun.  Both being light sleepers, we slept on opposite sides of the hike and bike camps in order to not keep one another awake.  He usually rides quite a bit faster than me so he would go up ahead and I would hope he didn't take a wrong turn.

Lilly fields near Brookings, OR.
Image taken on my 2006 trip.
Lilly field near Brooking, OR.  Almost to the California state line.

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