Crossing Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains by bicycle took all day

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Going up, up, up, the west side to over 9,000 ft.
A sign close to the top warns one to have good brakes.

Going down, down, down the east side of Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains.

I used the breaks a lot as I don't like to go fast. 

In the strange world at the top I came around a bend and faced an ocean of cattle standing on the road.  What's a person to do now?  I din't even think to get out my camera.  I just wondered, "how am I going to get through to the other side?"  Then a Forest Service truck came along.  The driver was used to this type of situation and he just slowly drove into the herd.  The cattle jumped off onto both sides of the road out of the way.  I just went, timidly, right behind him.
Broken granite boulders on the east side is often called "Fallen City."

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