Mt Rainier behind the cars.
Population in western Washington keeps growing.

2 photos taken 1991

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From my letters to editors
May 1993.

Work in your car, It's the office of the future?

A clogged Los Angeles freeway was once described as the world's longest parking lot.  As time goes on, the long parking lot is becoming an office park. Office equipment such as car phones, car fax machines and lap top computers is bringing office technology to the place where Americans spend a lot of time, inside their automobiles.  It can be said that the automobile is becoming the office of the future.  Freeways are the new office parks.

Is this really the future we want?  It does not sound good to me.  Governor Lowry, of Washington State, proposed putting a sales tax on gasoline consumption to help pay for improving mass transit.  This was a good idea, but the Legislature voted it down this time around.  Some car drivers resent having their tax money going to mass transit.  They feel their tax dollars should only go to things, like more roads, that help automobiles directly.  This selfish attitude often changes when car drivers realize the benefits they can get from mass transit.  One bus can transport more than 40 Passengers. This can mean 40 fewer cars on the road. 40 fewer vehicles in the traffic. Less traffic benefits everyone, including the cars.