Dusty, Washington

Large sophisticated cities have "The Hard Rock Cafe."  Dusty isn't exactly a center of sophistication.  It basically only has a few houses, a cemetery and a grain elevator.  Now there's the Dusty Store.  When I passed through in 1991 there was the Dusy Cafe (since then out of business).  Famous for pies.  I stopped there and got a T-shirt.

Dusty grain elevator
Dusty BB Club
Dust storm


From the mail

Hi Bob,

Tell ya what else Dusty has these days: Wylie! As in, Wylie and the Wild West Show.  A well-known and highly talented singer and yodeler of traditional cowboy songs.  He's the guy you hear yodeling at the end of the Yahoo! commercials.  Wylie and his family live on a ranch in Dusty.

 -- Geno in Nashville.

Hi Robert

I was just surfing the web tonight and I came across your web site.  I miss my home town greatly and it was a pleasure to see you traveled  through my little town of Dusty.  I was in high school when you traveled through in 1991.  Just thought you might like some little tidbits about the place.  When you went through, the population was 12.  When I left for college at WSU in 1994 our neighbor had a baby so it remained 12.  And to my knowledge it remains 12 to this day.  Thanks again for the tribute to my much loved hometown


Bob, your bike trip must have been fantastic, and how nice of you to put Dusty on the web.  I have family in the cemetery there.  I live in Wyoming now, and get back to Whitman County once a year to visit what is left of my family.  There is a song entitled "The Dusty Cafe."  Have you heard it?  If you know how to get a copy, let me know.  

Dusty Cafe Closes
Loved reading about your bike trip to Dusty! We just spent a night there at "The Parsonage", a delightful B&B that is the former residence of the pastor and his wife. Alas, the Dusty Cafe recently closed. The song about it, "The Dusty Cafe" is on an album called "Ridin' the Hi-Line", by Wylie Gustafson, the yodeling cowboy who has a quarter horse ranch in Dusty.
Renton, WA.

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