I wonder if something like the "school choice voucher system" could work in places like Aladdin, WY., pop. 15, where there may only be one school to choose from with-in 50 miles.  It makes a big difference whether one is talking about a big city or a small town. 

In a city, there could be hundreds of schools to choose from.   A voucher system might not violate separation of church and state since many faiths and philosophies could be represented in the schools to choose from.  There could be Buddhist Schools and so forth. 

On the other hand, much of America is rural where choices are limited.  With out a strong public school,  the voucher system could funnel government money toward a school of one religion.  It would likely be the only "game in town." 

The debate over school vouchers is another area where geography makes a big difference, but it is often ignored in the discussion.  Whether something like vouchers is constiutuional, or not, may depend on whether one lives in a big city or a small town.

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Hey, saw your site and thought I would enlighten you on a nice addition.  On the way from Missouri to California I stopped for a stretch and saw this sign..just had to take the picture.  It is on I-80 about 45 miles west of Cheyanne.  Hope this makes the site.

SrA Lawrence D. Sink

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