Parched landscape near Washington State's Hanford Reservation.

Here, ultraviolet rays from the sun are probably more of a cancer threat than Hanford itself.  Leaks at Hanford are fairly contained, but many people forget their sunscreen.  People tend to worry about "high profile" news items, like hanford, but it is usually the common place things, like traffic accidents and sun exposure, that sneak up and get us. 

Much of central Washington is dry because it is in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains.

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Hanford Reach, free flowing stretch of Columbia River.
  See old Richland High School logo, the mushroom cloud.
"Cancer Society" is a brand name of sunscreen lotion in New Zealand.  A friend of mine bike toured in New Zealand and sent me this souvenir.

My first bike tour across USA

More images from that area taken in 2002

Image taken 2002.
On a long dry stretch of central Washington, between Othello and Yakima, there was one bar in the middle of no where.

There is a rest stop by Vernita Bridge, where I met these cyclists in 2002 toward the end of their cross US journey.

Hanford on my Flickr.

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