Broken Spoke restaurant in Valley City, ND.

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What do I eat on bicycle tours.

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What do I eat?

Just like here at home, I eat out a lot.  Don't have a kitchen where I live.  Don't bother bringing a stove and pots when I travel either.  Other cyclists do it differently.  

What I eat depends, in part, on what is available along the way.  Pizza, Japanese dinner, chuck wagon stew.  

In some places, it is hard to find more than a somewhat greasy burger at the tavern.  It's the only business in town.  

I use supermarkets a lot, when I can find them.  In store salad bars are good, especially if there is a place to sit down and eat it.  Better than trying to bring along vegetables that spoil in sun baked panniers.  

I go through a lot of "2 cup size" cartons of chocolate milk.  I don't drink coffee.  Sweet chocolate milk hits the spot.  Cool and energizing.  One often finds me outside a mini mart drinking from the carton.  I try to start my day with a good carton of chocolate milk. 

Bananas are good for potassium, I hear.  Fruit from the supermarket.  I love apples.  Apple sauce is good.

Sometimes I buy a loaf of bread, to bring along with me, but it often gets crushed into a bunch of crumbs, or maybe a squishy dough ball.  Peanut butter is good.  Small containers fit in panniers, but not easy to spread on a bunch of bread crumbs.  Often I just eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon.  Something done at home as well.  

A friend of mine brings along lots of tuna fish cans.  Small and full of protein.  I should do this more often.  Power bars are okay, but I don't really like them.  A friend uses them more than me.  Carrots.  They don't spoil too bad, but I tend to eat produce and bananas just after being in the store.  Bananas crush easy.   

Fig newtons are good.  Raisins, nuts, trail mix, crackers.  Things to snack on.  

Basically I eat in restaurants at least one good meal a day and  snack the rest of the time.  Everyone does it different.  What I do works for me.  Even if it isn't the best in food, all that cycling keeps me from turning fat.  Some people end a biking day with a big dish of ice cream and little guilt.

My second bike trip across USA