Statue of a buffalo out on the plains. Stands several stories tall over Jamestown, ND.

Scroll down to see buffalo, or else just speed off feeling ripped off.

Several days before getting to Jamestown, I camped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  On the way into the park, as I was getting ready to pay the ranger, a car pulled up to the booth.   Then I heard the driver yell at the ranger, "I paid my money and I didn't see one damn buffalo!"  "Not a one!"  "What a rip-off!"  Then he rolled up his window and sped off.

The ranger turned to me and said, "that happens a lot"' "Someone does the quick drive through, never gets out of their car and expects to see a buffalo like they are going to pop up from the machine after they paid their money."  "Buffalo are not always on display."  "They are often in back country." Then he saw my bike and said, "now that's really the way to see the park." 

I  took my time and was able to see prairie dog towns, interesting geology and yes, I did see a buffalo, but that was just the icing on the cake.  It takes time and patience to see the world and it isn't always as one anticipates. 

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