Exploring under this abandoned dock in Ashland, Wisconsin which has since then been demolished

There was a fence, but it had a hole large enough to drive cars through.  A "no trespassing" sign was so overgrown with weeds that you had to clear the leaves away to see what it said.  Continued below.

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Photos of my bike trip to the Great Lakes

I walked on past cause it looked like everyone else was.  Several teenage lovers were kissing, graffittie was all around.  Farther out someone was sitting in a car that they drove out to watch the sunset.

Closer to the end there were large holes in the floor filled with water.  I turned around and headed back.

It could be a great tourist resource, just left to rust.  No one minded people going there and no one has done anything to "fix it up;" as of my 1998 trip.  Like much of America's  industrial heartland, it hadn't yuppified yet.  Maybe someday this will be a theme park.

Reader comment

Don't know if you were aware, they've demolished the Oredock. I grew up in Ashland. I've walked all the way out the very end of that thing and sat and fished most of one night. A very long time ago now.