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On my way to the S.S. Badger

I took a ferry across Lake Michigan, a distance of about 70 miles.  It was mostly to ride the ferry as I turned around and took it back next day.  Over 400 feet long, this ferry once carried freight trains across the lake.  Now it ferries cars and trucks, but still uses it's old coal fired boilers for power.  One of the few remaining steamships in service in the US.

Heading up the stairs to passenger areas.

Leaving harbor of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Steaming out across Lake Michigan.  Vastness of the lake.  Ship arrived in Luddington, Michigan about four hours later after only lake's width.  Imagine how long it would take to go the length!  The Great Lakes are like inland seas.

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Photos of my bike trip to the Great Lakes in 1998

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