Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail
Bike Path in Wenatchee, Washington, about 150 miles east of Seattle.

Ten mile long loop on both sides of the Columbia River.  Mile 0 is near downtown and the loop heads south to this old streetcar/highway bridge across the Columbia.  For many years the bridge just carried a pipe across the river, but now it has been restored with a foot / bike path.  The trail then turns north along the river in East Wenatchee.  At the north end, it crosses on the highway 2 bridge and then heads south through Wenatchee.  I traveled north on the Wenatchee side and did not see the East Wenatchee portion, but what I saw was very nice.  It is said to be the longest loop trail in Washington State.

All the way through Wenatchee it travels through river front parks.  One can see the rugged dry east slope of the Cascade Mountains as they come down along the Columbia River.

Reader Comment
Before I changed page to say street car bridge, rather than railroad bridge.

Let me start by saying, "Thanks a lot!"  I stumbled across your
site about five hours ago and just got done perusing it.  Very
enjoyable.  I would like to make a couple of comments and/or
corrections, if I may.

THIS:  The Columbia River Bridge in Wenatchee was not a "railroad"
bridge.  It was originally built by James J. Hill (Great Northern
Railway founder) as a streetcar/highway crossing of the river.  The
Great Northern crossed the Columbia further downstream (and BNSF still
does) at Rock Island.  The GN strengthened the bridge (I believe) in
 the 1920's by building a new truss around the original truss of the 1890's.
The old trolley bridge was converted for the pipeline when the state
abandoned it in favor of the (then) newly constructed highway bridge
 (in current use) just upstream which served U.S. 2 until the new (and
current) U.S. 2 bridge was built just north of the confluence of the
Wenatchee and Columbia Rivers.


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