Bicycling near Mount Baker

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church mountain
Breathtaking on a clear day.  Mt. Baker Highway carves its way
through the lush green forest toward Church Mountain just east
of the town called Glacier.

Farther up highway toward end of the road, lingering snow in late
spring near Bagley Lakes.

Snow lingers until summer at Mt. Baker Skii Area.  Mt. Shuksan in background.  Photo taken in late May.

Near Mt. Baker Ski Area in late summer after snow melt

From Artist's Point
Mt. Baker from Artist's Point.

Colman Glacier.  Trail from Glacier Creek Road.  Top view looking across the glacier.  Middle view is fairly close up, but not too close, to the grubby ice and mud mix. 
One sees erosion and deposition forces at work as mud is sliding along and a rain of pebbles fall from sections of the ice, periodically.  Getting too close to the glacier is dangerous as one can slide in the mud, or ice, and fall into a hole.

Near Colman Glacier.

muddy runoff in, river near Baker Lake
Muddy runoff from east side of mountain.  A stream near Baker Lake.

Twin Lakes.  Image taken during group car trip on some late 1990s autumn to Twin Lakes area north of Mount Baker Highway.

Mount Baker over junk yard near Abbotsford, BC.

My Bellingham area tour