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Interurban Trail south of Bellingham

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Right of way for now defunct Interurban Railway is now a nice trail south of Bellingham, WA.  About 6 miles long, one can start at several points east of Chuckanut Drive.  Surface is hard pack cinder.  Bellingham is about 90 miles north of Seattle, Washington. 

P = Trail Parking.

From Old Fairhaven Parkway south, trail is level to rim of a small canyon where Old Samish Highway is located.  Some steps and steeper trail segments take one down and across Old Samish.  A concrete footing, from the former railroad trestle, is at top of steps.

View of Chuckanut Bay from Interurban Trail
Autumn scene along trail

On south side of Samish Highway is Arroyo Park.  A short segment of trail has some steep switch backs up other side of canyon.  Non mountain bikers can detour, a little ways, to the west, along Samish, and then south along Chuckanut Drive where a parking lot is dedicated to Interurban Trail and Teddy Bear Cove.  In just a few feet, one comes to California Road where a dumpster sits.  Ride, or push, up steep little hill to left and then get back on Interurban.  It is almost level the rest of the way to Larabee State Park, except for one significant dip. 

At south end, one can cross Chuckanut Drive and continue down to Clayton Beach.  Another, of many nice side trips, is up the old logging road (now a non motorized trail as well) that starts just east of the southern parking area.  It takes one several miles up hill to Fragrance and Lost Lakes.  A good exercise ride. 

Trail ends at Clayton Beach.  Interurban Railroad once ran along offshore pilings beyond this location.  It was nicknamed, "the train that went to sea."  That railroad provided passenger service to several Puget Sound cities in early part of 20th century.  There is still one active rail line in the area.  Paralleling Chuckanut Drive are the tracks for BNSF and Amtrak Railways. 

Chuckanut Drive continues south of Clayton Beach, but it becomes narrow along the mountains.  With no shoulder, in places before it gets to Skagit Valley, Chuckanut can be busy on weekends.

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