Wednesday Dinner
5:30 PM

Wednesday Dinner gatherings meet in a different restaurant each week. 

See a recent newsletter for location.  Newsletters are posted for "open viewing" on the web.  No membership required.  Recent newsletters listed below from my Yahoo group

Next week's dinner location is usually posted by the previous Monday evening.

Open to both men and women, but almost always men.  Tends to be most popular with men over 40, but some younger people go as well.  It's a different mix each week.  Usually around 5 to 15 people attend.  Some regulars, always open to newcomers or folks who just drop by occasionally.  People order their meals separately and enjoy the conversation.

First Saturday of each month, there's a potluck at a house on Newell St.  Check Yahoo group for details.

It's been called the most consistent gay men's social gathering in a 5 county area.  A good place to get out and see who's around in Bellingham area.  Folks sometimes travel up to 60 miles just to come to the dinner. 

Check out my Yahoo Group and pull up the newsletter for next Wednesday's location.  Usually posted by Monday.

See pictures below.

Also see my  resource guide to gay things in Bellingham area and my main page  


19 people came to the loft at Skylark's in Fairhaven District June 28 2017.  Largest gathering in several years.  Dinner group varies in size
from week to week.  Image taken with my inexpensive phone camera.

Wednesday weekly Dinner in April 2006
Wednesday Weekly Dinner in April 2006 at Stanello's

Earlier image at TJs, taken 2003, I think.