Two more images of me on my bike.

Robert crossing St. John's Bridge in Portland, Oregon at end of 1999 Seattle to Portland Bike ride.  That year there were 8,000 participants.  I crossed the finnish line in the bottom third.  Racing has never been my goal.  Too many interesting people and things to look at along the way; also radio stations to listen to.

Disk shaped object, above front wheel of bicycle, is the Select A Tenna.  This boosts AM radio signals.  

Photos of me and bike
Drag queen ride.

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Exit to more information on Cascade Bicycle Club, which sponsors STP Ride.

Dressing in drag is getting more appeal among the general public, not necessarily confined to gay culture.  Spring of 2002 saw the grand opening of Bellingham's pedal project, a nonprofit bike shop.  They decided to have a "Drag Race" to call attention to the event.  Pictured in far left is me with my pedal pushers.