More diversity, less population growth can bring peace 

Sometimes there is talk about "trading land for peace."  Maybe that is why there is little peace.  It's because there certainly isn't very much land.

Very few people stop and think about how small Israel and the West Bank are. That entire area could fit inside Harney County in the state of Oregon.  Granted, Harney is a big county in land area.  Roughly 10,000 square miles.  Still it is just the largest of many counties in Oregon.  Oregon is just one of 50 US states. Continued below.

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Part of the problem is over population.  Millions of refugees have claims to the land of Israel and Palestine. 

Here in Whatcom County (state of Washington), we get all bent out of shape when 20,000 people contemplate moving here! 

"There goes the neighborhood."  "Traffic on my street."  "New subdivisions where the kids used ride dirt bikes."  "Don't cut down that tree."

Now that Arafat is gone, it does look like some momentum for peace is building.  I hope for the best.

Two Palestinian states instead of one

When one looks at a map, there isn't really a potential Palestinian state, there are two potential Palestinian states!  The West Bank and the Gaza.  Maybe we shouldn't be talking about a state, but two states right off the bat. 

Gaza is very small.  Can it be a viable state? 

The world does have Singapore as an example.  Maybe a Gaza State could someday become another Singapore.  That would require friendly relations with neighbors, including Israel and an economy based on trade.  Since the West Bank is also small, a similar thing could happen there.  Is anyone discussing Singapore as an example?

Maybe everyone, including neighboring Arab states, should develop societies of multiculturalism and free trade.

States based on one religion Judaism, Christianity or Islam are a bad idea.  Multiculturalism seems to work better. 

Accepting diversity works fairly well at keeping peace between different kinds of people here in the USA.  It works even better in places like Canada. 

Maybe the tolerant Canadians invented the term "multiculturalism?" 

There are times when sticking by traditional family values and resentments can be bad.  More open mindedness and less population growth is needed.

March 2005 modified.

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