Some native Americans believed heaven was the "Happy Hunting Ground."  In their "hunter gatherer" societies, a hunter's vision of heaven emerged.

We live in a bureaucratic society so what is our vision of the heaven like?

A bureaucracy
  "The great Registration and screening center in the sky."

If you are idolater, adulterer, male prostitute, homosexual, thief, greedy (like most Americans) drunkard, slanderer or swindler ... 

"Honey, aren't we all at least one of these categories at times."  says the weary clerk from Alabama, hired by Pearly Gate INC. on a "Work First" grant.  "DON'T WORRY."  "Just make sure you-all filled out part E of form A."  "Proceed to the next station." 

Happy hunting for that piece of paper.

Religion media bloopers

I hear the Pullman Herald newspaper once had a typo in its headlines.  It called LDS (Latter Day Saints, Mormon) Church the "LSD Church."

The radio DJ, at a religious station, placed a sermon on the turntable. (back in the days when canned programs came on albums).  He figured he had 20 minutes to go across the street for a cup of coffee before getting back to the studio to change sides.  Returning to the studio, after his 20 minute break, he found the record stuck at the start.  For 20 minutes, his station was broadcasting "go to hell - click," "go to hell - click."

When the big fish comes to town

A big church came into Wenatchee, WA. back in the 1970s.  It put some other places of worship out of business.

One building had a sign that read, "church for sale, can also be used as a warehouse."  It didn't say whorehouse however. 

That big church is now gone.  Maybe some smaller churches can flourish again.

Drab Church?

Riding the Greyhound bus back home from a bike trip we sat for the longest time across the street from this bland looking church.  Inside, maybe the church isn't bad.  Who knows.  Church located in Cashmere, Washington.

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