Since the late 1930s Lake Roosevelt has covered these falls.  Down stream, Grand Coulee Dam has usurped this thundering power. 

A new power house was added to Grand Coulee in the late 1960s.  Lake level was temporarily lowered and the falls re emerged.  My brother brought me along (I was a little kid with a camera) to see this "one in a life time" opportunity.  Columbia River water thundered again during construction, but only for a short time.  Lake Roosevelt has since returned.

Mud settled where lake soon returned.

Say good by as we headed home.

From the mail

Used your pictures for this card sent to my father for father's day.  We found them on the internet.  Thank you for letting us use them.

My father used to go here with his father for the yearly gathering of the salmon.  That of course was long before the dam was built.

The area is a very special place for myself and my family.  My great-great-great grandfather Ekitiminoons (Ske-owt-kin)was the hereditary chief who met David Thompson in 1811 at the site.  He hadseven wives and I am descended from hisfirst wife - Sipetsa - which means Able One.  We have been meeting there for quite some time.  Ekitiminoons is buried along the river and fortunately his resting place hasn't been disturbed since his death in 1873.  He was 92 years old when he died - ironically and tragically in a canoe accident.

Lim limt

My trip to the dam.