A few of my photos from the amazing downtown branch: Seattle Public Library.
Follow the yellow brick? (not really) elevators or escalators.

Up we go.  "Spiral,"  "Mixing."  Don't ask what it means.

Past a hole in the wall where moving lips are projected on faces.  Ceiling lights are seen reflected on the glass.  This is going down an escalator.

And is he entering the mouth, or where the meeting rooms are?

Yes, the city all around, outside this bubble.

Is that marsh grass or carpet?  
This gallery of experience is free and open to the public.

3 images from Freeway Park, in Seattle, Washington, taken 1988.  Built over I-5 in downtown.  Features artificial waterfalls, if they are turned on.  At least it did.  As traffic thunders underneath, the park muffles sound and provides an urban green spot.  Also more pedestrian connection between downtown and east of the freeway.

South part of park where freeway goes under.  Most is around corner.

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