lights on bicycle spokes

Who sees the Christmas tree in your house.  Why not light up your bike?  Let the world see you for safety and celebration.

I retrofitted lights to the spokes.  Figured out how to make them stay on and clear the frame and brakes.  There are several lighting products out there that can work with a bit of tinkering. Some are even designed for spokes, if you're lucky enough to find them.

Tire repair

I don't bother patching tube with a patch kit.  I just replace the whole tube.  Might be wasteful, but I figure that not driving a car earns me plenty of brownie points.  New inner tubes are fairly cheap and it's just more convenient.  I also replace tires before they go totally bald.  Might as well not make it too hard on oneself, unless one really likes fixing flats.

I do bring patch kits along on bike tours.  It's a back up plan in case I run out of tubes, but I get very few flats so I don't remember last time I ran out of tubes.  I carry one or two tubes.  Buy a new tube at the next available bike shop or hardware store if one is used.

I use tubes with Shrader valve rather than Presta valves.  Shrader is more universal.  Can be filled with the air hose at a filling station if one is careful not to try and fill it too fast.

In 2008 I had no flats the entire trip.  Around 900 miles. 

2009 just saw one on the back wheel and one on the wheel for my trailer.  Around 1,400 miles.  Yes, I also carry a spare tube for the small trailer wheels.

A patch kit also comes in handy for fixing gash in tire itself.  This is a rare problem, but happened to me in 2007

Kevlar lined tires are great.  Also I like Green Slime.  Some bike folks don't like it, but it works.  Adds a bit of rolling weight to wheel, but well worth it.  Can be found at many hardware stores, if not bike shops.   

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