Radio and bike touring

For long stretches between population centers a radio can entertain and inform for hours and hours. Can last much longer on a battery than a cellphone, thus freeing up the cellphone for other needs. Too many people rely totally on a cellphone for everything, but battery power and cellphone coverage is limited. One can buy new batteries for a radio along the way or use rechargable batteries. Often a radio doesn't use as much power as a cellphone. It can be a long lasting supplement to the phone. Take some of the burden off the phone.

Stimulating talk shows can add another dimension to corn fields that stretch on for miles.  Some people prefer music. 

Radios also bring weather forecasts and crackling static on the AM band can warn one of nearby thunderstorms.
See Below:

Close to base of the tower for an AM Radio Station in Port Angeles made for interesting photo angles on a cloudy day.  This facility in a super market parking lot, as I remember.

I don't were a headphone as it can be dangerous, due to the need to hear traffic.  Placing the radio near handlebars and listening directly from the speaker usually works unless one is near noisy traffic.

AM Antenna Booster

To increase choice of stations, I have a special AM Radio antenna booster.  Mine is called the Select-A-Tenna from the CCrane mail order company.  It is basically just a certain length of wire, wound into a coil and then matched with a capacitor.  All designed to "resonate" with AM signals. 

Picture of antenna on my bike.

Most people would not think of carrying such a thing.  The two extra pounds, it weighs, is a small price compared to not being able to get anything except Rush Limbaugh.

Often FM radio works better than AM.  A wire and alligator clips, between the radio and bicycle frame, can turn one's whole bike into a crude FM antenna; if the bike is metallic.  Most of the time on my bike, I listen to NPR stations (National Public Radio). I grew up in Pullman, WA. Home of Northwest Public Broadcasting.

TV reception without cable

Digital TV in parts of Bellingham, WA. without cable.  My indoor antenna.
Radio label on my blog.