A belief in God does not require a belief in scriptural infallibility

I grew up in a liberal Christian church, The United Church of Christ, often known as the Congregational Church.  That church welcomes people from many perspectives, backgrounds and lifestyles.  People can think differently from one another, in that church, and still sit down for a good discussion.  In most locations the church welcomes gay and lesbian people as well.  It tries to be a bridge to all.

I personally do not believe in scriptural infallibility.  The Bible has been interpreted many ways and everyone seems to have a different angle on it.  Lots of groups, including the Jehovah's Witness', believe they are following exactly what the Bible says, but they all disagree with one another. 

God loves us anyway and isn't a nit picker on what our interpretations may be. 

One can gain insight from reading the Bible, but interpretation is definitely not a precise science.  The Bible is a historical document, written by people.  It provides a background of thought and experience, but it isn't met to be an inflexible blueprint. 

Learning from the Bible is like learning from past experience.  One can gain insight from the experiences of others in the past, but it isn't a magic answer.  It helps to have experience when doing a job, but fresh insight, creativity and flexibility is good also.  Being stuck in one rut can be a problem.  God works in many ways and often fools us when we attempt to fit him in a box.

Many Christian churches accept gay people, others will say that God can only love "straight people."  The prejudice against gays is from people who take a very legalistic approach to what they perceive as God's Law.  I think fundamentalists are like the Pharisees of our day. They follow what they believe is the "letter of the law" while missing the spirit.

A welcoming atmosphere.  Inside view of lodge.  Church camp, I used to attend as a kid, retains its friendly feel.   Camp N-Sid-Sen, in northern Idaho, is run by United Church of Christ; a church with an open mind and an open heart. 

Northern Idaho also gets the reputation of neo nazis, even though that is only a tiny group.  Stereotyping an entire region?

A very good site questioning fundamentalism in Islam
Moslem Refusenik.  The writings of Canadian Feminist author Irshad Manji.