2012 pictures Sammamish River Trail

Traveling down the Burke Gilman Trail not too far from the Ship Canal Bridge, but a world away.

The Ship Canal Bridge. Both worlds in Seattle, Washington.

Ducks and geese wander along the Sammamish River Trail near Woodinville, WA.

Where one world passes under another.  Sammamish River Trail brings it's more peaceful world under 405 freeway interchange.

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From my letters to editors

Most ways to limit growth don't work, but limiting cars might

Urban growth is not all bad, but there are many people who want to curtail it. Their efforts usually don't succeed.

When they pass laws keeping people from moving to an area, their laws get thrown out in court as unconstitutional.

Banning development seldom works either. Restrictions on housing construction usually just means people keep moving in, but they don't have places to live. Restrictions on development lead to housing shortages and high rents. Much of the population just becomes a homeless population.

Restricting industry seldom works either. People will still move in, they just won't have jobs so much of the population becomes an unemployed population.

Maybe the no growth advocates should try restricting use of cars in an area. If people had to walk, ride bikes or use public transit they might think twice about moving to the area thus cutting growth. If living in a town meant one had to bike a lot, chances are the only people wanting to live in the town would be healthy people.

If limiting housing leads to a homeless population and limits on industry leads to an unemployed population what would limits on cars lead to? Limits on cars might lead to a healthy population.