North end is north of Arlington, WA., near Skagit County line along Highway 9.  South end is in Snohomish which is a bit south east of Everett

Quality pavement creates an exceptionally smooth bicycling surface.  This trail passes through forest, dairy farming country and some suburbia.  I hear that this trail is the most popular tourist attraction in Snohomish County.  Trail is located east of Everett and north east of Seattle.

Snohomish Centennial Trail
A few miles south of Arlington.  2005 

Snohomish Centennial Trail under Hwy. 9
Crossing under Highway 9.  2005

While many folks travel overseas, to places like Nepal for enlightenment, I chose the peaceful paths in my own back yard here in USA.  There are Americans who know where to find peace in Nepal, but haven't figured out how to get across their own county with out getting on the freeway.

North of Snohomish along trail

railroad mural
Steam train mural in Arlington.  Painted on side of building near Snohomish Centennial Trail.  2006.


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