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Wisconsin's bike trails are quite a tourist attraction. Users are ask to pay a small fee for a trail permit which helps maintain the trails. Collection boxes are located along the way and many participating businesses sell the permits along with T-shirts and other trail memorabilia.  The Sparta to Elroy trail follows an old railroad that goes through 3 tunnels. Back in the 1870s the tunnels were dug out by pick ax in the soft rock of western Wisconsin.  Trail located in western Wisconsin, maybe 150 miles or so, east of Minniapolis St. Paul metro area of Minnesota.

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A view inside one of the tunnels.

Reader Comment
My grandfather told me stories about how this tunnel was dug out, and even in his old age...took me for a hike across his land to where one of the several 'dig out" points was. As a young child, WAY BEFORE this tunnel was incoporated into the trail system, my siblings, and cousins and I would take a hike to 'the tunnel.' There was an open dig out point where we could find snow in August to throw at each other!

Small towns welcome trail users along the way.

Old railway stations serve as park offices and souvenir shops.

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