Thompson Trail Anacortes
A new section of the Thompson Bike Trail in Anacortes, WA. was opened fall of 2005.  Total trail approximately 4 miles long.

Crosses a trestle which connects the older section of the trail to March Point Road.

Mt. Baker from near Anacortes Refinery
Mount Baker can be seen from many points along the route including this view behind an RV park and March Point oil refineries.

Abandoned pickups
Two Abandoned Pickups along the way.  Must be a story behind this.  Not far from site where there used to be a plywood mill called Publisher's Plywood.  I think it burned.

No Tressing
Where I think the mill was it now says, "No trespassing?"  Notice the sign is spelled "No Tressing."

Headed into Anacortes, older part of the trail passes several marina works and into the harbor area.  On this trip, I only got as far as Food Pavilion supermarket before having a snack and then peddling back to Bellingham.