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My favorite astronomical sites

Articles in media with me in them

Ascii art Christmas tree and Christmas stuff

Mild homoerotic fantasy and comment

Open minded religion

Photos of me

My spoof resume


When gay youth happenings almost brought anti gay Reverend Phelps to Bellingham

When the play Laramie Project was preformed at Anacortes High School

Over the Raibow Festival at Mount Vernon High School

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Some photos before I canibalized this page and put things on Flickr

A few random pictures

Downtown library, Seattle

Pictures of the Palouse

Dusty, Washington

I-205 Bridge, Portland, OR. to Vancouver, WA.

Breitenbush Radical Fairie Gathering 2001

Painted Hills unit of John Day National Monument

My Painted Hills pictures on Flickr

Year 2000 Oregon loop

Harbour Centre & Vancouver, BC.
Davie St and gay pride in Vancouver, BC.
The West End city planning commentary, Vancouver, BC.

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