I got to Triangle Recreation Camp on a bicycle trip in 1995.  That was during it's days in the old location by Index, WA.  Now, the camp is on Bender Creek about 22 miles out of Granite Falls.

Art made from lace was hung in the forest.  One example of creativity at the gay resort near Seattle.

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Dancing at Index (resort now moved to Bender Creek)

Yes there really is a town named Index, Washington.  It is named for Mount Index; a big rocky peak that sort of looks like your index finger.

A few more days, on my bike, brought me to Triangle Recreation Camp; the gay campground.  It was in the Steven's Pass area north east of Seattle. The campground has since moved to a new location.  See bottom of this page for details.

First day at Index was rain rain rain.  Even at a gay campground, there isn't much to do in the rain.  Huddling under a rain tarp gets boring after while.

Another choice might be to go into the town of Index.  There I could have tried to eat very slowly - so as to have a good excuse to stay in the cafe a long time - boring.

Some friends of mine, named Bruce and Kelly, saved the day.  Bruce had the bright idea to go from campsite to campsite handing out flyers for the Bellingham gay dinner.  I wouldn't have thought of doing that, because I can be a little shy, but going with Bruce made it easy.  We tramped from one tarp covered campsite to the next and talked to about 50 people.  It was fun, but I did almost feel like a Jehovah's Witness. 

Many of the tent sites at Index were semi permanent set ups for the summer.  Visiting can be a study in ingenuity.  Supplies had to be brought in by wheel borrow, as the parking lot was across a foot bridge from the campground.  That slight inconvenience didn't stop people from making elaborate campsites.  Some folks had portable generators for power.  There was even a group of people who volunteered to provide power for trail lighting.  I think they called their pretend company N.I.P.L.E.S.  Something like North Index Power Light Enterprises. 

Artwork around each tent site was great. Some people even had steam rooms made out of plastic tarps.  One of the steam rooms was heated by an old oil drum filled with water.  It was sitting on a blowtorch.  There were showers that one could use for free if the owner could watch.  No shortage of cute men either.

Art and ingenuity of Index should go down in travel history.  I couldn't decide weather to call it "Blue Tarp City" or "Duct Tape Heaven." 

Dancing at Index was out of this world. They had a huge sound system, a disco ball, 7,000 watts of glittering lights and strobes all run off of portable generators.  Several hundred people, gyrated to the music.  It was like dropping a glitzy gay disco into the North Cascades forest.  The mixture was odd and I am sure environmentalists would have cringed, but it was a lot of fun.  Also real healthy to dance in the fresh air.

Camp TRC's New Location

The gay resort has bought property and moved to a new location; Bender Creek near  Granite Falls, Washington. 

For more information visit their web site


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