Glory hole for your money

Place to put donations for the up keep of a rest room located at some store in eastern Washington.  One of many things I've seen on bicycle tours.

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Sociological Survey

Using felt pen, someone started a survey form about rest room sex.  Over the next few months, people filled in their answers.  This image found in Minnesota.


Road sign entering Fort Dick, California not far from Crescent City.

Late night on the radio

This elderly woman called a radio talk show late one night.  She was amazed at how low America's morals had fallen.  Four US Presidents, current and former,  had all endorsed NAMBLA (National Man Boy Love Association).  "Clinton, George Bush SR. Reagan and Carter all endorsing NAMBLA, what's this nation coming to?" 

The talk show host thought she was off her rocker and just hung up.  He never figured out that her hearing was bad.  She thought NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act) was NAMBLA.

BC Ferries

The Canadian provence of British Columbia has a ferry system connecting Vancouver Island to the mainland.  It crosses Georgia Straight.  Several years ago, I hear their slogan was "BC Ferries, we cruise the straights."

Some thoughts on AIDS education

My letter to the editor about Condom Awareness Week 

Your article on dating in the 1990s was informative.  We should not fear open discussion of sexual alternatives in the classroom.  Sexual activity is a risky behavior.  This is all the more reason to talk about things openly.  Driving cars is risky also.  This doesn't mean we should ban driver's education in the schools because it might encourage people to take the risk of driving.  Sex education is one tool in the battle for AIDS prevention.  Another tool is advocating abstinence from sex.  The two strategies are often seen as being in conflict, but both approaches should be working together.  Different strategies work for different people and no one solution can work for everyone. 

For some people, discussing sex in the classroom might lead to abstinence.  This is because anything discussed in a classroom becomes boring.  Possibly the way to promote teen-age abstinence is to start talking the subject of sexual alternatives to death in a classroom setting.  This strategy seems to work in cooling people's desire for history and math. 

I hope condom awareness week succeeds in getting people to think about issues that are normally hidden from rational discussion.

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